Technical Author/Trainer

Technical Product Material (e.g. marketing brochures and product support guides)

How long is it since you updated your Product Guides?  If your organisation supplies products (tech or not), which require regular revision/updating, it is important to keep up with the guidance that is supplied with that product too…and of course the marketing material that is published alongside!  You may also be thinking of transferring them from ‘hard copy’ pdfs (or similar) to web-based guidance.  Whatever your technical documentation requirements are, I can help, with copywriting, screenshots/photos and diagrammatic/visual process information.

Training and Resources

Do you supply or require IT training, either on common office applications or more bespoke systems?  I can analyse and provide structured training courses for a range of purposes, designed specifically with you and your staff/business in mind.  I can also draw up support documentation to consolidate and extend training as required, or simply work with you to create material the that you don’t have time to draw up for yourself!


Having trouble or getting overloaded with preparing your Schemes of Work, Session Plans or learning resources?  I have a wealth of experience (and outstanding observation grades!) in drawing up detailed SoWs, session plans and a range of learning resources to support teaching and learning.  Most of my experience has been within IT and computing but am fairly flexible and, given the course outline, can help you to create some great, usable documentation to support your delivery and the students’ learning.

Whatever your documentation or training needs are, please contact me to discuss what I can offer.

One-to-One training/support

Are you, or do you know someone who is struggling with their IT and Computing coursework? Maybe your son or daughter is studying for GCSE ICT or for their A levels/BTEC qualifications? Or maybe you just want to up-skill or learn something on a computer for fun!

I can help with various IT and Computing modules/subjects, from basic Internet and common applications use, or more complex computing subjects such as web, graphics and database design for levels up to further and higher education! Contact me to discuss any requirements for one-to-one support on a regular or one-off basis.

Helen Ward
BA Hons (ICT with Education), PGCE

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